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Nickel in plants and soil Plantprobs

Nickel. Nickel is a plant micronutrient. It contributes to nitrogen fixation and the metabolism of urea (a nitrogen containing compound) and is important for seed germination. Nickel is also important for bacteria and fungi, which are both important for good plant growth. Ideally, for healthy and productive soil the concentration of 1‑20 mg/kg.Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!


The nickel concentration of commercial acidtype (pH 4 to 6) electroless nickel solutions lies within the range of to 11 g/L ( to ). Simple calculations based on the nickel concentration range and the preferred molar ratio of Ni''/ yields a molar concentration range …Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

Nickel Electroplating* CASF

nickel. Activated nickel anode materials are available commercially that resist the onset of passivity and replenish the solution with nickel ions over a wide range of plating conditions. Nickel Ion and pH Changes Under normal operating conditions, the nickel ion concentration and the pH of the solution will slowly increase as plating proceeds.Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

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