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AFHER EUROBELT was founded in 1972. It is currently a leading company in the manufacture of plastic bands for the transport of foodstuff and industrial product.. Eurobelt offers a wide range of products that respond to virtually all the needs of internal conveyor belts, with a specific design for each application, are present in a wide variety of sectors.Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

MIL Banda cinta transportadora. Motor de ...

Cinta transportadora con cadenas de charnela, estructura muy resistente de acero inoxidable y patas regulables en altura, medidas largo: 8, 30 mts, ancho interior 0, 40 mt de guía a guía regulables en anchura, alto 0, 85 mt ( regulable en altura), corriente trifásica 380v. En perfectas condiciones de uso y mantenimiento. Ideal para el transporte y clasificado de bandejas, cajas, cinta …Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

CAD Files | Intralox

The CAD template files available for download represent the nominal size and shape of Intralox products. Scaling dimensions from the files is not guaranteed to yield exact dimensional information. For example, the CAD Template files do not reflect the normal dimensional variations that occur between materials.Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

MDL IntraLock

IntraLock® International Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, is a leading provider of innovative dental restoration solutions including a wide range of dental implants, biomaterials and prosthetic abutments. IntraLock dental implants are biologically driven in design. Their architectures are “sitespecific” which encourages physiologic harmony and ensures an ideal …Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

Aligners | Intralox

Intralox’s alignment conveyor accurately aligns boxes, cases, cartons, and shrinkwrapped packages of all sizes. Employing Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, the alignment conveyor gently drives a stream of randomly introduced items to one side, uniformly squaring them against a guard rail.Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

ARB Switches | Intralox

Intralox’s ARB Switch* provides a flexible, lowmaintenance, safe, and reliable alternative to traditional slat switches, pusher arms, and sliding shoe sorters. Employing patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, Intralox switches precisely divert/lane products from single or multiple infeed lines to multiple outfeed lines ...Obtenga su cotización gratis para su solución!

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